Academic Portfolio

Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

Educational and Global Leadership Concentration

Graduated April 2020

This program is designed for graduate students who wish to develop and enhance their educational leadership knowledge and skills within educational or other cultural organizations that have an international dimension. It is also designed for students who desire a focus on global education in order to support their educational leadership practice. This program is suitable for students who would like to make an impact in international non-profit or non-governmental organizations (NGO); governmental and international organizations; foundations; non-traditional or international educational institutions; and other agencies that have an international education component.

Academic Leadership Academy

2013/14 Cohort

The academy is a year-long learning community in which participants and facilitators meet weekly to explore literature on leadership. Discussions include specific situations where leadership skills are used, developed, and implemented.

Participants in the academy will be able to:

  • Better lead groups or organizations.

  • Better participate as part of teams in which they are not the leaders.

  • Better understand the cultural context of their institution.

  • Identify and prioritize challenges and leadership opportunities in realms such as academic, research, and economic development and social justice.

  • Understand leadership literature and translate that literature into practical application.

Bachelor in Business Information Systems

Computer Information Systems Concentration

Graduated April 2006

The Department of Business Information Systems offers Western Michigan University students opportunities to gain skills for managing the integration of technology with business processes, preparing them for a range of career opportunities in today’s modern business world. The information systems program instills practical skills to give a broad and thorough business and technology knowledge required for a successful career in the IT profession.